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ICI Incorporates Efficiency into Sensor Housing Production



By participating in the initial design phase, ICI assisted aerospace engine designers in the incorporation of form, fit and function into a bleed valve sensor housing. The investment casting process enabled engineers to incorporate complex inner core geometry, not feasible with conventional machining techniques, necessary for efficient fluid flow between opposing faces. This process
also minimizes weight by designing out excess material. This produced a 10% material savings over a machined version, as well as a 30% to 40% cost reduction.

The housing is investment cast 356 aluminum, T6 temper, with overall measurements of 5" x 5" x 4". ICI satisfied all critical housing specifications including complete flatness of the O-ring groove face and burr-free threads. Additionally, all internal passageways and sealing surfaces are clear and defect free. ICI's controlled casting process produces an as-cast surface finish of 90 rms, while the company provides a 63 rms finish in machined areas.

After the housing is cast and heat treated, ICI machines, plates and hardware assembles the housing. The company estimates that program lead time is reduced 30% to 40% by casting/machining/assembling the housing in one location by one vendor.

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