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ICI Lends Design Support for Flight Instrument Housing



ICI assisted a leading aeronautical instrumentation manufacturer design a flight instrument housing which takes full advantage of the investment casting process. The final result achieved reductions in weight and cost, as well as an aesthetically pleasing housing. The instrument manufacturer’s design engineers initially prototyped the housing from machined bar stock. After functionality and package design were determined, the engineers searched for a cost effective manufacturing process. At this point they turned to ICI’s engineering team for their expertise in investment casting design and process.

After an initial study of the housing’s requirements and package specifications, the ICI team came up with a 3 in. x 3 in. x 1 in., A356 aluminum housing with an integral heat sink. Investment casting resulted in a net shape design; combining three machined components into two, and eliminated all machining except for threaded holes. The housing is cast to precision tolerances (+/-0.003” on selective dimensions), has an as-cast surface finish of 84-110 RMS, zero draft on all surfaces, wall thickness down to 0.030 in., and a precision as-cast fit.

The investment caster delivered the housing ready for electronics assembly complete with machining and surface finishing for a total manufacturing solution. Investment casting resulted in a housing that was 15% lighter than the machined prototype with a cost reduction of between 30% and 40%.

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